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The first of these is Morality. Morality is represented by a seated female 
statue holding the Ten Commandments in one hand and the scroll of 
Revelation in the other. These represent the standard of Morality 
which comes from both the Old and New Testaments. 
Images carved on both sides of the statue are that of a Prophet and an Evangelist. These indicate that the power of morality comes from the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ. This internal Morality, character, or virtue that is essential for liberty includes: self-government, patience, faith, diligence, courage, long-suering, godliness, kindness, and Christian love. The noble and simple story of the Pilgrims at Plymouth portrays the true meaning of Morality and virtue.
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Why is Faith so important in the struggle to restore liberty and prosperity to America? It is crucial because man is inescapably religious. All cultures are built upon some form of religious faith.
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It has been said that an ignorant people cannot be a free people. For thousands of years everyday people throughout 
the world were oppressed in tyranny and had virtually no opportunity for education. An elite group of tyrants knew that
knowledge was power; therefore, they kept it to themselves. Education was the sole property of the government 
including the class-conscience elite of Egypt, Greece, and Rome.
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Liberty Man:
The strategy of the Liberty Hero, as detailed in Scripture, is carved into the Forefathers Monument. The final statue on the monument is that of a man dressed in battle gear seated in peace with his sword sheathed. He has placed his faith in Christ and in His infallible Word. He trusts God to empower him to develop character and biblical morality beginning in his own life. He then helps create civil institutions of justice and mercy based upon God’s Word. He educates his children and others in the biblical world and life view that leads to liberty. What is his strategy? 
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