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Leif Ericson- A mighty man of God

America was founded as a Christian nation, there’s no doubt about that. To prove that we
could go back to the very beginning, we can go back to our founding fathers the pilgrims.
We could go back to Christopher Columbus. We could go back even further, 1000 years to
a man named Leif Ericson.
Most people don’t know that much about him. He was born in Iceland. His father was Eric 
the Red, a very flamboyant man who lived in Norway. He killed a man in self-defense and 
had to flee to Iceland. This is where his son Leif Eriksson was born. When Leif became a 
man he wanted to return to his ancestral home. 
Leif was described as a strong man with striking appearance, very wise and considerate.
Once in Norway he ran into Christians. He converted to Christ the Lord. He became a 
born-again Christian.
After staying there a little while, and learning about the faith, He decided all he wanted to do was take his faith back to Iceland. He became friends with the clergymen and they decided to go together. They went to Iceland and they preached the gospel for years. They converted many to Christ.

They moved on to Greenland, they continued to preach the good news. They
moved on to the northeast tip of North America which many say today is now
part of the United States of America. The first contact this continent had with 
Europeans; they came for the proclamation of the gospel of Christ. Leif 
Ericson, a mighty man of God.

Leif Ericson- A mighty man of God

Leif Ericson, a mighty man of God.