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‎"We already have a Liberty, biblically based governmental structure called the Constitution and the Deceleration of Independence. All we have to do is peal off the wall paper of a false system that has been painted on as a facade by a group of elites who took over educational training 70-80 years ago. Slowly but surely they have trained our young people in Keynesian economics or socialism as opposed to Christian economic theory which is commonly known as the work ethic. Its simple, the young in our country don't know the Constitution or the Biblical economic theory which made us the greatest country in the history of the world. We don't need a bloody revolution, we need to start living the life we want our country to lead. This country was based on individual actions, not force. So, lets start now. We have the right system, we just have to remove their wallpaper. " - Marshall Foster, The Story of Liberty

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