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 On MARCH 28, 1885, the Salvation Army was organized in the United States.

It was begun in England by "General" William Booth in 1865. 

Originally named the Christian Mission, the Salvation Army conducted meetings among the poor in London's East End slums.

Adopting uniforms and a semi-military system of leadership, the Salvation Army ministered to the 
poor, drunk and outcast, while fighting sex-trafficking and teenage prostitution.

The editor of the Salvation Army's Conqueror magazine, Major T.C. Marshall, sent a letter to 
Booker T. Washington, founder of the Tuskegee Institute, thanking him for his favorable comments 
regarding the Salvation Army's effort to minister to African-Americans in the South.

Booker T. Washington replied, July 28, 1896:

"I am very glad to hear that The Salvation Army is going to undertake work among my 
people in the southern states. I have always had the greatest respect for the work of the
 Salvation Army especially because I have noted that it draws no color line in religion...

In reaching the neglected and, I might say, outcasts of our people, I feel that your methods
 and work have peculiar value...God bless you in all your unselfish Christian work for our country."

On December 1, 1965, President Lyndon Johnson remarked to the Salvation Army in New York:

"For a century now, the Salvation Army has offered food to the hungry and shelter to the homeless -
 in clinics and children's homes, through disaster relief, in prison and welfare work, 
and a thousand other endeavors.

In that century you have proved time and again the power of a handshake, a meal, and a song. 
But you have not stopped there. You have demonstrated also the power of a great idea."

President Lyndon Johnson continued:

"The voice of the Salvation Army has reminded men that physical well-being is just not enough; that 
spiritual rebirth is the most pressing need of our time and of every time; that the world cannot be 
changed unless men change.

That voice has been clear and courageous-and it has been heard.

Even when other armies have disbanded, I hope that this one will still be on the firing line."