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1.What is the Seven 50 group?  

It is a non-governmental organization consisting of over 200 unelected bureaucrats in our 
seven counties, appointees from outside our area, who circumvent the state level, 
infiltrate local city councils, planning & zoning boards and the boards of 
county commissioners, then bypassing them in order to implement their community 
re-engineering plan. Working under Presidential Executive Order # 13575, previously 
called “The President’s Council on Sustainable Development,� Seven 50 
has been appointed to nationalize human settlements into one-size-fits-all model and 
federalize our living spaces they hope, 
without our knowledge, without our vote, without our consent, but with our tax dollars. 

2.How did you find out about them? 

  I, along with a group of other very concerned citizens attended a design charrette in 
October of 2012, at the IR county commission chamber, presented by “The Southeast 
Florida Regional Partnership Sustainable Communities Initiative 
Grant Program� under their new name of Seven 50 meaning---control of Seven Florida 
counties within 50 years. It was here that we learned about Regionalism, Sustainable 
Communities and the end of private property ownership rights. 

3.What did you learn about the Seven 50 Plan? 

  We learned that Seven intended and I quote, “to effect extreme changes in housing and transportation by bringing in millions of passengers by train from Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Palm Beach and Orlando to use our parks and beaches.�
They further intended to rezone our old downtown area and build a “Sustainable Community� in its place. Using government grants, they intended to implement their vision for our future, and to decide how and where we live. 

4.What is a Sustainable Community? 

  It is a cluster of low income, high density population Housing and Urban Development, stack-and-pack high-rises with demographic quotas, located next to high speed rail service. 

5.What are the steps in taking away private property rights and how would it affect me?

  Working hand-in-glove with HUD, the DOT and the EPA, Seven 50 uses government grants to establish a train stop in 
your community, a plan currently under proposal with All Aboard Florida. With the influx of people from larger cities into 
your local community, the building of a “Sustainable Community� becomes necessary. Using grants from the DOT, they 
will show you how the layout of your streets is all wrong. They will narrow existing streets for the use of pedestrians and 
bicycles only. Then, using grants from the EPA, under new regulations they will determine that automobiles, with their 
dirty carbon footprints are no longer permitted for use in their Sustainable Community. Using a “regional tax-base sharing 
scheme, privately owned homes will be taxed in the extreme in order to subsidize the new “Sustainable Community.�
 Eventually, the EPA under newer regulations will deem single family homes, with their individually controlled air 
conditioners and their wasteful irrigated lawns as “unsustainable.�  

6.What is Regionalism and why is it a bad idea? 

 Regionalism under the Seven 50 Plan bypasses Congress, contravenes our Constitution, circumvents the state level
and takes away the decision-making process from our locally elected officials. When our local officials no longer have
a say, We the People no longer have a say in the future development of our communities or the right to decide how and
 where we live. All of the decisions will be made by Seven 50 regarding how and where you live and how and where you 

7.What is the future mode of transportation in a Sustainable Community?

  With all people living in compressed living spaces in a Sustainable Community, travel will be limited to mass rail transit. This outcome occurs in small stages and all under the guise of environmentalism. As you know, Americans are driving smaller and smaller cars, due to slowed oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. Under new EPA/DOT regulations, by the year 2016, all cars will be required to get 35 miles to the gallon. Manipulated oil prices force us into more fuel efficient cars using CAFÉ fuel standards. Due to lighter automobile construction, 322 additional deaths occur every year. Nevertheless, people are increasingly switching to hybrids. Electric docking stations are being mandated by the federal government and are being installed along our highways which will be used by all-electric vehicles---cars that are even smaller and lighter and less safe. Eventually the gas tax will go away, which is the source of money for repairing our roads. The odometers on electric cars will be taxed by the mile so people will drive shorter and shorter distances. More and more people will be forced to give up their private homes and live in Sustainable Communities, and cars will be deemed unsustainable. The transportation choices left will be on foot, by bicycle or by rail. These limited housing and transportation standards will be mandated by the Seven 50 Plan. 

8. But you, as chairperson for the American Coalition 4 Property Rights, you spearheaded a movement to ban Seven 50 from the state of Florida. How did that happen? 

After attending the design charrette presented by Seven 50, and realizing that their plan did not represent the core values of our community and our American way of life, pitting collectivism against individualism, a very concerned core group of citizens from Vero Beach galvanized and began holding educational meetings in our public library. We wanted to inform residents about the Seven 50 plan so that they could make an informed choice about the future of our community. We were invited to speak at neighborhood association meetings, the Rotary Club, to veterans groups, to civic organizations, at club luncheons, churches and other groups until a great portion of the community realized that Seven 50 was not a plan for the future of our community. We also spoke with our commissioners and city council members one-on-one.

On December 18th of 2012, We the People packed the Indian River County commission chamber to standing room only and after listening to 20 of our speakers, our county commissioners wisely chose to vote 4 – 1 in a NO THANK YOU to Seven 50. On December 8th of 2013 the City of Vero Beach followed suit and voted NO 4 -1 against Seven 50. The town of Indian River Shores subsequently voted unanimously 5 - 0 against Seven 50. Our Indian River School Board opted out as well. These were great victories for liberty in our county. In a recent meeting with Governor Scott, he 
congratulated our American Coalition 4 Property Rights organization for making Indian River County 
the first in the state of Florida to eradicate Seven 50.

We applauded Governor Scott’s statement, and I quote, “I know it’s not good for Florida and so I’m 
going to make sure we’re not giving someone else the power to figure out our destiny. I’m focused on 
our rights as an individual state. I don’t believe the federal government should be telling us what to do 
and clearly the UN should not be dictating how we build our state.�

9.Is Seven 50 implementing the plan for Regionalism in other states? 

  Yes, but the plan is called by many different names such as I.C.L.E.I., the International Council on 
Local Environmental Issues, Smart Growth, Comprehensive Planning, Complete Streets, Visioning 
Overlay and many more. But the plan is the same for building Sustainable Communities and eliminating 
private property and the right to drive an automobile.
And like the citizens of Indian River County, citizens are fighting back. I have four pages of cities and a 
list of states that have passed resolutions, laws and Legislation banning these groups from doing 
business in their communities.

But for all the work we have done, there is much more to do. Seven 50 is still embedded in our Indian River Metropolitan Planning Organization, the city of Sebastian, Fellsmere and Indian River State College. 

Our neighbors to the south in St. Lucie and Martin Counties are organizing groups to protect our American way of life and our sovereignty by standing up and speaking out against Seven 50. We ask you to join us in keeping the resistance strong. We can retain local control and have a say in the future of our own communities, but only if we stand up and let our voices be heard. I would ask that you lend you support to those in St. Lucie and Martin Counties who are fighting to protect our traditional American way of life. Please visit our website www.americancoalition4propertyrights.org and offer your support. Look at the events calendar and attend their meetings with their city councils and county commissioners. Stand up and speak out. Only when we stand united will we eradicate Seven 50 from the state of Florida. Please contact me at global6@msn.com for additional information or call me at 772-234-3995. Let’s keep our American values for our children and grandchildren by maintaining local control of our future, and by just saying NO to Regionalism.

Thank you very much.