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"America is great because America is good, 
and if America ever ceases to be good, 
America will cease to be great."

Shouldent we trust our 
leaders, when we have 
chosen good men to 
govern us?

Answer: Power corrupts even 
good men.
Why is it dangerous to grant more 
power to rulers then what is 
absolutly nessessary?

Answer: Because of the iron glove 
of tyranny.

When is suspicion of our leaders a 

Be jealous of those in power for 
the sake of the unborn.

When are our rights most in 

Rights are most in danger in 
times of complacency.

Why cant rulers be satisfied 
with the power that is given 
to them?

Answer: Never forget the universal 
frailty of human nature.

What can the people do if the 
rulers are abusing their power?

The people have the right to 
regain control whenever