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Alfred the great

Alfred the Great was born in England in the year 851. He defeated the cruel 
Vikings, and saved England from these people who raped and pillaged 
everywhere they went. He did this around common law and the 10 
Commandments. He personally fought 54 hand-to-hand battles. Alfred the 
Great, the Christian.
He is the only English King to be accorded with the epithet The great. 
Alfred was brilliant and merciful man who encouraged Christian education
and improved Englands legal system through proper and just laws 
taken from Holy Scripture. Much of the law code from England was taken 
from the book of Exodus and Apostolic Letter to the Acts of the Apostles.
Thats what he did.
Alfred meditated on Christian law in Scripture. He realized that he needed to
issue God higher law to the people of England. The link between the Mosaic
law at Alfreds code is the Apostolic Letter, which explains that Christ did not come to shatter the Commandments but fill them. He taught mercy and meekness.
Alfredâs own personal transformation was of Christ's commandment from love your neighbor as yourself. Alford was a great warrior and he won many battles, but instead of killing his enemies he converted them to Christianity. That was never done during this time. Three weeks after he converted the Viking king they had a huge ceremony, 29 of his chief men and the Viking king were baptized at Alfreds court. Alfred received him as his spiritual son.

He established Christian schools for the education, for his children and many children. They studied books in English and Latin and devoted themselves to writing. He recruited scholars from all over the continent for the revival of the Christian education. Alfred's strong belief is without the Christian religion, without Christian teaching and learning, there is no true wisdom to be found. There can be neither prosperity nor success in this life without the vocal learning. Alfred transformed England.

Albert proposed the primary education be taught in English. The problem was that there were few books of wisdom written in English, most were in Latin. Albert sought to remedy this problem and translated the books that were most necessary, the Bible was most necessary. It was taught in English to the children of England. Alfred the great had six children, he believed in Genesis 1:28: be fruitful and multiply.

He said this: Give me men who can pray, men who can fight, men who can build and I will build a lasting civilization. Alfred the Great, the great man of God.