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Charles Spurgeon was a great preacher; he once wrote a little book called Eccentric Preachers. In it, he described 11 eccentric preachers. He ended the book with an example about a man named Billy Bray from Cornwall England.
He became so happy when he became saved that he said, I cannot express what I felt, I shouted for joy, everything was new to me, the people, the fields, the cattle, the trees, I was like a man in a new world.
Billy set out immediately to bring people to Christ. He had driving energy. He was a happy man. He took his own city by storm. He would meet strangers, and ask, How is their soul.
He would shout GLORY! whenever he heard someone was saved. Sometimes after he found out some one was saved he would spin them around the room.
"I can't help praising God," Billy declared, "As I go along the street I lift up one foot, and it seems to say Glory! And I lift up the other, and it seems to say, Amen; and so they keep on like that all the time I am walking."
Until the age of 73 he danced and leaped his way through each day. He preached and built chapels and took orphans into his home. He was a man who loved God, and loved people. He really loved life. His dying words when he fell asleep on May 25, 1868 were Glory.
Charles Spurgeon said, it does not seem so horrible he died, that a man should be so eccentric as Billy Ray Cornwall England.