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They found out that Christian Führer was having a prayer meeting, and they got into the prayer meeting and they took him out and they threw him in the snow 20 miles out into the wilderness. He did not die, he walked back. The next Monday he had his 40 candles lit again. They took the jobs away of all the men at the meeting. Then the young people started to come, and the prayer meeting just kept growing for seven years.

Then in 1989, seven years later on October 9 at 5 PM, 2000 people gathered in his Cathedral. He said, "Tonight I'm going to have each of you light your candle, were going to walk outside now... not with 40 candles but with 2000. Then we are going to walk out there and 76,000 German soldiers are going to meet us. Were not to do anything, just a walk across to the train station in the open field."

"The Russian tanks are lined up with the AK-47s ready to mow you down. 

They walked over to these troops, and prayed for peace. He said to them, "No violence, keep your hands up to shield your candle from the wind. Were just going to walk across and pray for them.

Never have the German democratic Republic allowed any meeting like this before. But the Germans walked across the field anyway. They walked across that field right among the soldiers. The 2000 people made such a huge impact and they did this even though the Russian tanks were there. 

One by one you heard a click, the sound of the soldiers dropping their guns and picking up a candle. And then another click and another click and another click. All of the soldiers, started dropping their guns and picking up candles. They turned on the Russian tanks. The Russian tanks could have killed them all, but they turned around to the barracks. One week later the Chancellor quit because he knew he had lost the German people. He lost to the German people and their faith in Christ.

It was one month later that the wall came down in Berlin. Ronald Reagan did make a huge impact in the cause to bring down the Berlin wall; it was one of the greatest events of the 20th century. But we should know that the real cause of the Berlin wall to come down was because of a prayer meeting led by a Lutheran pastor named Christian Führer.

The day of national celebration for the unity of Germany is not the fall of the Berlin wall, it's October 9th. Because Monday night at 5 PM on Oct 9th in 1989.... 2000 people gathered at that beautiful Cathedral at St. Nikolai church with pastor Christian Fuehrer and they walked across and the rest is history. That is the story of liberty we should all know.

In 1982 there was a prayer meeting started by a Lutheran pastor. His name was Christian Führer. They use to meet on Friday nights, and it grew to 500 people. It's told that he is still there to tell what happened in that prayer meeting. People come from all over the world to hear his story. The prayer meeting was called Prayers for Peace and was started on Monday nights with 40 candles that he put in the middle of the Cathedral in his church. He was in his jeans and T-shirt and would stay there and pray for peace, and asked the Lord if 40 years was long enough. The people had been in bondage to Adolf Hitler and now were in bondage to the Russia

Families were killed and women were raped by the Russian soldiers for years and years. They couldn't even go to church. If you are seen a in church you lost your job. And then there was the KGB, and the German Democratic Republic. They controlled the German soldiers and would shoot anyone that went across the wall. No one got away with anything.