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Why was America so successful?
Is it a coincidence that the greatest amount of economic liberty and prosperity happens to exist in countries where Christianity has had great influence? 
Christian influence in a nation as we have seen produces Individual Character and what is called self-government. This Christian philosophy produces honest employees and employers, whom work hard, save and invest, and have interest for their posterity, and do not steal. When we all do an honest good day’s work the overall economy is stronger, because we are all contributing.  Verna Hall said: "government is the house where the economy lives"True economic liberty will nicely flow for people and its government. People will own their own property, and respect each-others property. They abide by contracts and agreements too.

Why did America enjoy economic liberty?
The Christian religion was essential for our prosperity because it teaches about the need for good hard work. "The worker deserves his wages" (Luke 10:7) Scripture also shows us that what is inside of us will come out in our words, attitudes and our work habits.