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Human trafficking is modern-day slavery; the buying and selling of humans. We only thought 
slavery ended with the Emancipation Proclamation. It’s alive and well today with more slaves
than at any point in history. In fact, there are twice as many slaves today as during the entire
trans-Atlantic slave trade. The two most common forms of human trafficking are sexual 
slavery and forced labor.

It is the fastest-growing crime in the world, with the perpetrators making $32 billion a year
buying and selling people for their profit and pleasure. The profits are huge and the risk of 
being prosecuted are slim- the United Nations says 99% of victims are never rescued.

Domestic minor sex trafficking is the buying and selling of America’s own children. It’s our 
children being forced into sexual slavery. Federal law defines domestic minor sex trafficking
as the exchange of a sex act for anything of value. A sex act includes pornography, stripping, 
oral sex, massage parlors, etc. Anything of value includes a place to stay, a hamburger or 
higher status in a gang. Many times, the victims are vulnerable children fighting to survive.
While it is true that there are children who are at higher risk for becoming a victim, such as
runaways and throwaways, all American children are at risk. Gangs and the Mexican cartels
are sending recruiters into Texas schools to find victims. Children are kidnapped. People they
know are selling them and threatening their families if they tell. Sometimes their own families sell them.
One little girl finally told her captor just to kill her - she couldn’t do it anymore. The pimp refused, telling her he makes too much money off her. If she wouldn’t do what he told her to, he would kidnap her 8-year-old little sister and pour battery acid over her face while she watched. The little girl complied, living in a dog cage when she wasn’t being sold to man after man.
A lack of awareness in our country, coupled with the explosion of the Internet, makes the job of the pimp and the recruiter extremely easy and the job of law enforcement extremely difficult. The scope of this horrific crime seems impossible, but each person can make a difference by teaching their own children about the traps of traffickers and knowing the red flags to watch for in other children.

- Scripted answers
- Inconsistencies in story
- Branding or tattoos, especially that reflect ownership or money
- Bruising, with varied stages of healing with black, purple, blue, yellow shades
- Cigarette burns, rope burns, scars, cuts or other physical abuse
- Coming on to several men
- Appears helpless, shamed, nervous
- Malnourished
- Inability or fear to make eye contact
- Chronic runaway; homeless youth
- Dating much older, abusive or controlling man
- Not attending school or has numerous school absences
- Sudden change in attire, possessions, behavior
- Travels to other cities frequently
- Uses terms common to the commercial sex industry 

On its own, one of these signs might not indicate trafficking, but 2-3 together are a good indication. The average life expectancy for a child forced into sexual slavery is 7 years. Don’t wait. Call 911 and the National Human Trafficking Hotline, 1.888.373.7888, if you suspect something. It’s better to be wrong than not to report it. A life might just depend on it. Please also call Traffick911 and we can get them the help they need for healing, court, etc.

“This information has a short shelf-life. Trust your instincts. As we get older, we stop listening to our little Jiminy Cricket.” - Phoenix Vice Sgt. Chris Bray


Traffick911 is a team of passionate people driven to stop the sale of American children into sexual slavery for the profit and pleasure of their perpetrators.

Traffick911 is committed to social justice and human rights, fighting for the rights of our oppressed American children. We serve U.S. children regardless of religion, ethnicity, race, gender or sexual orientation. We believe the scope of this crime is too large for one organization to tackle alone; it takes all of us collaborating together, working across political, religious and social boundaries. Founded in 2009, Traffick911 is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization founded in and guided by our Christian faith, partnering with fellow abolitionists from all walks of life from around the world. 

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A world without slavery.

The mission of Traffick911 is to stop the buying and selling of America's children.

Traffick911 was born in the inner city of Fort Worth when reality took shape. A small group of people working in the inner city to help the homeless and others suffering from life’s trials gathered to hear about work in Thailand to rescue people forced into sexual slavery. The video, the photos, the stories of children rescued were chilling. It was hard to believe, but, after all, it was a third-world country. It was possible they allowed this to happen to their children. Desperation causes people to do things they wouldn’t otherwise think of. Parents, clinging fervently to survival, could be convinced to sell their children to people who promised a better life. 
Stunned by what she had heard and seen, Deena Graves commented to Darrel Auvenshine that she just couldn’t believe this happens in third-world countries. Darrel replied that he believed a mutual friend who works for Dallas Police had said it happens here. Here? In the United States? In a country known as the land of the free? It wasn’t possible. We’re a civilized nation. A nation that stands on its principles and morals. We would not allow this to happen to our children, or, would we? Hours of research revealed that, yes, it is happening right under our noses. In fact, the United States is a leading demand country and the appetite is for our own children.
Sadly, most people are just like Deena. They just don’t know it’s happening to our own children in our own backyard. In Anytown, USA. Pimps and johns are torturing children all over this country for their own profit and pleasure. Will we allow it to continue? Deena quit her job a short time later and founded Traffick911. Will you join her in stopping this horrific crime?

Traffick911 is working to end the plight of these children with a three-pronged, parallel strategy. Our strategy focuses on children under the age of 18.
Prevention – Take American children off the market as commodities.
Target demand.
Build awareness.
Educate youth.

Rescue – Get these children out of the hands of their perpetrators and out of the jail cells.
Provide training for people who come across these victims in their day-to-day jobs.
Build relationships with juveniles in lockup - many of whom are victims.
Leverage high-demand events, such as major sporting championships, to build awareness and educate people.

Restoration – Provide a safe place where victims receive unconditional love and nurturing.
Long-term safe home - Triumph House
Specialized care.
Holistic healing.

Traffick911 was named the 2013 Outstanding Organization of the Year by the Fort Worth Commission for Women with commendations by the Fort Worth City Council, mayor and a State Senator. We also have been recognized by Homeland Security Investigations as a most-valued partner in this battle to save our American children from sexual slavery.

Traffick911 has trained thousands of first responders across the country, including Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport Police, Homeland Security Investigations, Texas Department of Public Safety, local law enforcement, educators, medical personnel, juvenile justice staffs at the county and state level, CPS regional supervisors and caseworkers, DAs, etc. Not only do we receive the highest evaluations, we have documented identifications and rescues out of our trainings. For instance before we trained Cook Children’s Hospital, they had identified zero victims of trafficking. Within 8 months, they had identified 11 victims. 

The average life expectancy of an American child forced into sexual slavery is just 7 short years leading to the urgency in our name. But, the 911 also derives from Psalm 91:1: He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.