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Learn the amazing stories of these great freedom fighters!
Who really discovered America? A series on the explorers who traveled here and why they did.
100's of amazing videos on historical episodes which changed everything!
Learn about past Presidents of the US , and what they believed.
The amazing stories of men who truly where used by God.
The history of the Saints. A truly interesting and amazing series.
The terror and persecutions of Bloody Mary. A thought provoking series.
Learn the amazing stories without the revisionist spin.
"Listen to interviews with Great American Patriots"
"Do you have the eyes to see? A video series on Gods great creation." John Bona takes you though a jouney of Gods fingerprint in the heavens.
Learn about the path to Liberty, left by the founding fathers!​
Learn the amazing stories of Divine Providence that lead the people to freedom and independence.
"How to regain and restore America's Liberties!"
A series on the men who were corrupted by power, then used that power to oppress the people. What can we learn from them?
Amazing History 
 "The Amazing stories of our country's founding and the amazing history showing Gods divine hand in freedom." The Story of Liberty adds new content daily and offers many videos available only on Roku.These examples here are only a small sample of whats available on our Roku channel.
"Co- host Jenna Featherstone gives her perspective on current news affecting our Liberty's."
 "Fireside Chat with John Bona"
 "Footage from the Vero Beach Prayer Breakfasts"
John takes you on a tour of Israel. This series of videos brings you to the Holy Land in a way that will inspire and uplift.
Let us remember together this Holy Week the true meaning of Easter. Its easy to forget with all the commercial and secular celebrations, that this week is the bases for our Salvation and Liberty. God bless you as we celebrate this week together.
Listen to all the 
Story of Liberty 
Radio Progams.
"How to fix the economy" Learn the principles of economic liberty in this series that will be sure to inspire and teach.
Learn the history behind all the holidays we celebrate.
Videos of George Washington's prayer journal. "Inspiring and uplifting!"
A series on the history of the Jewish People.
Journey to Rome. A series on the history of the Roman Empire.
Hours of beautiful music set to great quotes regarding our liberties.
A new series on the amazing prophecies fulfilled in the Bible.
Who is The Liberty Man?
A new series on the men who can claim the title of Liberty man - based off the Forefathers Monument.
This will be a 15 part series, check back for new videos. A new series on the men who can claim the title of Liberty man - based off the Forefathers Monument.
Unstoppable Movie
A series of videos with behind the scenes action.
God is in Complete Control
A new seven part series.

God is in Control and Created Mankind for a Purpose.
Miracles from Americas Founding.

Amazing history - go back in time and relive the miracles that shaped Americas Founding.
Federal Buildings- Christian Heritage
A tour though our US Federal Buildings, and their amazing Christian Heritage.
Thanksgiving Programs

A series of programs about the amazing story of the Pilgrims.
A Sub Channel devoted to new releases from The Story of Liberty.
Godly Government Audio Lectures 

From our friends at Mission to Restore America. Listen to Mission to Restore America's Godly Government lectures below. 5 part series.
Education of our Children

A series about raising a child in the way they should go.
People Who Have Shaped History
Events that Shaped History
Protestant Reformation /Great Awakening
What the Bible Says About Government

What the Bible Says About Civil Government in the Old and New Testaments - A complete series.
Great Freedom Fighters of Faith

Great Freedom Fighters of Faith: Missionary's, Popes, Chaplains, Pastors.
A series on Ronald Reagan
Great American Inventors & Heroes
George Washington
The Civil War
Hope for America
Christian Businessmen in History
A series on The Second Amendment.
A series that tells the true Christmas story
Separation of Church and State
The Case Against Abortion

A series on the right to life.
The Environmental agenda, a fight for human liberty. Full series.
"Story of Liberty, I just got a Roku box and found your station, you guys are doing great things." - Robert
"I just found your channel. The videos are beautiful. I never knew 90% of the history that I've seen here. I've done some research and was pleased to find your teaching truth. Thank you... I am prepared to become a liberty woman!"- Jean
"John Bona, Discovering your channel just made my day. Thank you and may God Bless you and your efforts." - Tim
"All I can say is... WOW! I really need some time to think over the fact that everything I've learned in school was basically a lie. My grandparents added this channel to our TV while they visited from NY. I'm glad they did." - Tasha
"Thank you John and Jenna for the effort you have put into this channel. We are learning so much. Thanks again."

Carol and David R.
"Thanks John for the life you pour into creating these powerful messages. How wonderful to see God's hand in our history plainly told, and with such warmth. His sovereign grace gives us real hope for the future of our nation."

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