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 One of the defendants of Alfred the great was St. Margaret of Scotland. Margaret ended up in Scotland after a shipwreck. A storm at sea pushed her ship directly into Scotland. In Scotland Margaret met King Malcolm III. They fell deeply in love. They got married and King Malcolm learned all about the Bible from Margaret. Margaret read the Bible every day to the King. 

Margaret instigated religious reform upon the kingdom. This great woman of God, St. Margaret of Scotland, has 1100-year-old chapel on the grounds of Edinburgh Castle. She Influenced her husband and children, especially her youngest son David I, who would also become a just and holy ruler. She attended many charitable works including feeding starving orphans, and the poor every day before she ate her own meal. She washed the feet of the poor in imitation of Christ washing the feet of the apostles. She rose at midnight every night to attend church services. 
You can go to her chapel, and in the room you can see why she was such a blessed woman. She reached the point of Sainthood. She was made a saint in 1250 by the pope because of her personal fidelity, love of the church, and her charity. St. Margaret of Scotland was a great woman of God.