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When he went to the place where his village should have been, Squanto found no trace of his family and friends. He learned that recently a "Great Sickness" had struck his people. Every one of them had died. He had crossed the Atlantic Ocean four times, only to be terribly disappointed. He was the last of his tribe. Squanto was invited to live in a nearby Wampanoag village. The chief was named Massasoit. Squanto lived there until the Indians heard about the white men who were building a town near the place where his tribe's village used to stand. When Samoset came back from his visit to the newcomers, he asked Squanto to accompany him when he returned. The date was March 22, 1621.

The two spoke to the settlers for a while, and then Chief Massasoit came in for a meeting. The Pilgrims and Indians worked out an agreement that would allow the two groups to exist peacefully. This treaty was in effect for over 50 years. None of the Pilgrims was ever hurt by an Indian.

When the rest of the Indians left New Plymouth, Squanto decided to stay with the Pilgrims. Their food supply was rapidly being consumed. William Bradford wrote later that Squanto was a " ... special instrument sent by God for their good beyond their expectations ..."