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John Bona: Welcome back to the story of liberty. This is your host John Bona. To understand the great American experiment we need to look in our past. We have seen that nations that follow God’s law receives the blessing of God and those that don’t, do not receive his blessings. In fact, they are cursed.
There are five deadly evils that have permeated all cultures through out history, which have chosen to rebel against God’s law. Think of these, how they apply to America today. The first deadly evil is tyranny itself. Tyranny dominated all the ancient civilizations. These tyrants were leaders who used their false gods or ideology to cover their murdering acts.

You see that going all the way back to the Roman Empire and Ceasear’s who declared 
themselves to be god of the Earth. They demanded that everyone in Rome bow down and
pay tribute to them. That’s why Christians and the Empire, when they refused were 
martyred for 250 years.

The second deadly evil is a false religion. It is always marked by human sacrifice. All of 
these, from China to Rome, regardless of the shape of their pyramid or their altar, they
have rejected God’s law and they practiced human sacrifice. For example, in Rome for 
700 years and their gladiatorial games.

The third deadly evil is the enslavement of people, stealing their property in the name of 
the state. You see, we will have a God, a true God or the false god of the state, the state
that serves with God-given powers of individuals or families.

The fourth deadly evil is the creation of unjust laws, bad laws, which go against God’s higher
law. For example, in America we have a law that you can abort a baby, you can kill an
innocent baby, the most innocent among us, legally. That goes against the Ten 
Commandments, thou shall not kill. But we allow it and we practice it.
The fifth deadly evil is the persecution of Christian believers in the one true God, the
 God of the Bible. This began way back in the bible with Cain killing Abel and it kind of
culminated with the Roman persecution. Nero, actually burning Rome to the ground so
he could blame the Christians and then he crucified them in his garden and lit them on 
fire for his dinner guest. Oh, the eye of the tyrant, how evil.  

Even today, millions of Christians face persecution around the world. What is the alternative 
to this juggernaut of evil? The good news is there is the one true God, there is a plan for his
people. It is the Gospel of the Liberty of Christ. For example, the nations that have followed
God’s Gospel of Liberty, in his word have experienced all these good things that we used to
have; self-government, liberty, just and proper laws, good education, but we've given that 
away. We have lost that biblical pattern. We used to have good civil government and now we
make laws and create more taxes and regulations and control, like the recent health care law. It forces you to do something.

See, the Gospel of Liberty frees individuals, and families and nations. Christ was the only one who paid the ultimate sacrifice and died for our sins, yet throughout time, we see the sacrifice of individuals over and over at the whims of a king or a tyrant, 

England when they decided to adopt the gospel and bring it to India, for example they eliminated the Hindu practice of burning their wives alive at the funeral of their dead husband. Patrick of Ireland ended the cannibalism, the murder of innocent people in his nation. 

See, the Gospel of Liberty is the only element that suppresses the great evil of enslaving people and stealing their property and wealth. The. Ten Commandments were given actually to protect individuals and their property from confiscation by the state or anyone else.

America needs to no longer tolerate the murder of innocent, unborn children, stealing a man’s reputation, coveting his property. See, the Gospel of Liberty when accepted by a people, it eliminates these enslaving laws and the persecution of true believers. 

America, when we embrace the Gospel of Christ, people gain knowledge of God’s law. It’s the foundation of our common law heritage, then we will have true liberty. The love of God surpasses all understanding and because his gospel is unstoppable we as Americans must now choose a road to culture of life, charity and love, rather than death of liberty, rather than tyranny.  


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