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What is financial liberty? We want liberty in America. We want true financial 
liberty. We want the government off our backs. Did you know that the twin pillars 
of happiness is defined by our first president George Washington? He said that 
true religion offers the government its surest support. Washington also said that 
religion and morality are the twin pillars of happiness, not only in America but
around the world. And he said the man who labors, who
undermines those pillars of happiness does not deserve the title of a patriot. We
know today there are many working hard to undermine those pillars of the 
Christian religion. The atheists and humanists for example. They would like
to remove the Christian religion and morality. They would like to get rid of God,
they would like to remove the commandments of God, they would like to 
remove any of his moral rules. That they would still like to be called a patriot, 
a good American; however contradicts what our first president said, 
that they do not deserve the title of a patriot. 

Daniel Webster said, 

"Let us not forget the religious character of our nation. Our fathers were brought
here by their high veneration for the Christian religion. They journey by its light 
and labored in its hope."

So this really is a Christian nation. Is it not? Well, let me ask a few questions. 
Was the Christian religion, the primary teaching, the religious system that 
influenced our founding fathers of this nation? Absolutely. Where the majority, the high majority of the founding fathers of this nation, Christians who generally believed in what's scripture said? Absolutely they did. Is the Christian religion the largest religion still in the United States? Absolutely. Did the Christian faith provide the intellectual background that led to many of the great cultural values that we still have in America today? Individual rights, personal freedom, the free enterprise market, a strong national defense, helping others, helping other nations? Absolutely yes. Was there a supreme court decision? At one time had the Supreme Court
affirmed that the United States was a Christian nation? Absolutely they did. 

Well, thankfully in the last several decades, there has been a revival of interest 
in the founding of our great nation. More Christians are rising up and standing up
in their voting. If we could just get all the Christians out to vote, these problems
that we talk about here at the story of liberty, most of them would disappear.
I don't know the exact number of real Christians in America, but I do believe it's
growing and it will grow in the future.

I heard a person put it this way, he said "what we need to do is not only vote but
we need to vote right and in every consideration there is God." How would God 
want you to vote? If you thought that way, it would make all the difference. This 
nation would quickly be restored to God's way if we believed in Him, if we trusted
Him in our homes, our schools, our work and our play. We need to consider God 
very seriously in the voting booth. So, when you think about how you're going to 
vote, God is there with you. And then ask yourself the question: what would God 
want me to do? 

Consider the moral issues involved, just remember one decision by the supreme 
court has resulted in the unimaginable death of unborn  children over 50 million 
American unborn babies. How do you think God would wanted you to vote on that 
issue? God is the author of life, so we need to go back to see what God's says about these things in his word. And what would God be teaching us. 

All of us want to see the free market, the free enterprise system that the founders of this nation gave us flourish. It's what made America the strongest and the most bountiful nation the world has ever seen. And even now making other nations prosperous, and yet we turned our backs on the free market. The more money that is taken from the free market, the private sector, the more poverty there's going to be. It's only the private sector that can produce productive jobs and increase productivity. So what do we need? We need drastic cuts in taxes and drastic cuts in government spending.

Government needs to be smaller and to release power to the private sector.  
The problem is in many of our own hearts, our own greed, our own desires for 
something for nothing. And unfortunately, many of us looked to the government,
not God. That's the problem. 

That is why politicians act a certain way. If your eyes were 
open and you've seen the tremendous waste, the mounting federal debt that is
now reaching $18 trillion. If you saw the inefficiency, the ineffectiveness of 
government, of these wasteful programs; then when a politician that you're
about to vote for tells you he's going to tax more and spend more, he wouldn't
get your vote; but if he told you he was going to cut taxes and spending, he 
would have your vote wouldn't he? And he would stay in office if he acted on it.

Well, for everyone who comes out and says "we need to cut taxes and cut 
spending" there are justice many that say "we need to spend more, we want 
more, more, more from the federal government." But let's remember the federal
government doesn't have anything to begin with, it all comes out of our pockets.

So if we want true financial liberty in America, we need to have the government 
off our back. Keep in mind that one of the most basic tenants of socialism and 
communism is either that the state, the government, owns property or the means of production or at a minimum, controls them and regulates them. But we know that scriptures says clearly, in the book of Acts while the property remain was it in thy own power, and even after the property was sold said Peter wasn't not in your own power? So we see that the results of the sale of the property, we're not controlled by the state, but it was in his own power. The power of the one that owned it. 

See, this is another tenant of communism and socialism undermined in this way. And the coup de grace of the whole communist socialism undertaking that it was voluntary. See, because all communism, all socialism is involuntary, it's enforced by the state. What the early Christians did was voluntary. Out of the exuberance of the love of their heart they had for each other, they just wanted to share and help, there's nothing wrong with that. That's called charity. The essence of charity is that it's voluntary. No money that can be extracted from you at the point of a
sword is voluntary, it's involuntary. 

Did you know that Nazi what it actually stands for?
 It's the National Socialist Party. The USSR meant
 the Union of the Soviet Socialist Republic. See? 
Communism and nazism, they are all socialism. 
Communism is simply one form of socialism, in general,
 bankrupted or impoverished. Most nations where it has 
been tried. 

Socialism has had disastrous effects where it exists. 
Well, in America, we have not had a revolution like 
the USSR did, but we've been following a different 
slower plan of a step by step, incrementally 
abounding the free market system and moving
towards socialism, it's not good. 

We've heard the liberals call for Christian socialism, they call 
it social justice. Almost everything that goes on in our nations
capital today is based on that concept of social justice.
But do you know that this is not justice? This is not charity, 
these are antithetical, they are virtually opposite. Why? 
Because we know justice is really supposed to be blind, it 
does not discriminate. There's a pair of balance scales on the
famous lady of justice reminding us that justice is equitable, 
it's equal, that it's equal for all. Third, we know that that 
statue of justice has in her right hand a sword. The bible
says that they stay bare not the sword in vain. So we see
that justice is involuntary. Charity is just the opposite, it

When we see that something is worthy of our money, we give our time or our money to it. Does it mean that we support everything, every cause, every person who has approached us to help out or give money? No, we don't do that. But I hope we 
do give to some. Because scripture tells us. Is it not lawful for me to do what I will with my own? Of course it is. You see, charity discriminates, charity weighs the good and the bad and you make a decision who you're going to help or who you decide not to. It's your liberty to choose.

Charity is not based on fairness, you don't give the same amount to everybody. 
You may give more to some and less to others, because you decide, you are doing
this voluntarily. That is the essence of charity, it's voluntary. No money
that could be taken from you by the government can be countered as charity 
because it's involuntary, you have to give it. 

Friends, there is a vast difference between the government taking your money 
and you're giving it. 

Well, let's see what the bible's answer is to all of this. 

"If any would not work, neither should He eat." Some of us may think that that is 
not a compassionate statement. But it is a compassionate statement because
 it was made by God, himself. Notice, scripture doesn't say let him who cannot
 work, let him who is not able to work. Scripture says let him who would not work,
 who will not work. Let him not eat. 

That would do more for the well being of our nation than anything else. Private 
charity, yes. It would help more people in many ways but it would decrease the
ever growing socialistic state in the liberal agenda. 

Let us close by remembering what scripture says about socialism. It teaches the very antithesis of socialism. Scripture shows us very clearly and teaches the very antithesis of socialism, the liberal mindset. It teaches that God is the center of our lives in our world and that we should live according to His teachings.