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The doctrine of the Trinity states that in the one essence of the Godhead there eternally coexists three persons:
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, of equal power and glory, and they are equally worshipped by Christians throughout
all ages. 

Is there any analogy in the physical world of the doctrine of the Trinity? In his book The Secret of the Universe, 
Dr. Nathan Wood points out that if God is a trinitarian being who is the Creator of the world, then we should 
expect that He would leave trinitarian fingerprints upon His creation. The amazing thing is that we live in this
trinitarian universe and generally never see the fingerprints at all. So we are left to find little tiny supposed
illustrations, like water, ice, and gas—or maybe an egg with its yolk, its white, and its shell—none of which
is an illustration of the Trinity. 

But there are analogies in the natural world. In fact, we live in a trinitarian universe. Ask a scientist what the
universe is composed of, and he will tell you that it is made up of space, time and matter; these three and
 no more. No universe exists which does not have all three. 
Furthermore, we see that each of these is, in its turn, trinitarian. Space is always comprised of height, length,
and width. We imagine a two-dimensional figure in our minds, but it is impossible to produce it in the physical
universe. Even a line on a piece of paper has three 

Or consider the matter of time. Time always exists of past, present and future; these three and no more. Furthermore, we might note that from our perspective, time can be all past. Someday when we come to the end of time we will look back and it will all be past. At the beginning of time it was all future. We may take the existentialist’s position from the present moment and say that all time is present; there is no tomorrow, only today. And so we see that time is also triune. 

The same is true of matter. According to the scientific definition, matter consists of energy in motion producing phenomena, and always these three. 

So instead of looking for some isolated little illustration somewhere to describe the Trinity, we find that the entire framework of the universe in which we live is Trinitarian. It bears the unmistakable fingerprints of the Triune God. 
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