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The Miracle of Dunkirk
The miracle of Dunkirk

We see the providence of God many of times through weather, in wars and in battles. One amazing event in the story of liberty was in World War II when the war began. Adolf Hitler took France in 40 days, and there seemed to be no hope. Not only were the French and Belgian armies destroyed but also the English army of almost 400,000 young men was held at Dunkirk. They were hoping to be rescued by the British Navy, but all the ports had been wiped out. There is no way to get the boys home.

In the meantime Hitler’s divisions were closing in. They were in within 15 miles of beach at Dunkirk. It seemed like certain death. The mothers in England were weeping; they had seen 800,000 of their boys die in World War I. And now they’re facing World War II with 400,000 of their boys in danger from the German tank divisions. At this time the people cried out to Almighty God.

They went to Westminster Cathedral and cried out to God for deliverance. Churchill said it would be a miracle if they got 20,000 boys back. What they didn’t know was that at this very moment a huge storm was forming. 
A couple days later Adolf Hitler made a big mistake. He made a decision to go against all his generals’ advice and to give over the destruction of the English Army to the Luftwaffe instead to his tank commanders. He gave the decision to the Luftwaffe.
 As they were taking off a huge storm fell upon the channel they could not find the Englishmen. Three days go by, all this time the English are being mowed down by the Germans on the beach. They try desperately to find a strategy, all seems lost. 
The truth is it becomes very still, the English Channel becomes like a lake. There is a fog a hundred feet over the channel so the Air Force cannot see below the fog. For three days the English Channel carries a thick fog. 600 boats from England come over in those three days and 338,000 English boys were removed from Dunkirk and taken back to England. The people of England thanked Almighty God, knowing this was a miracle.

Can you imagine how Adolf Hitler responded to this at his headquarters? He had a chance to end World War II at that moment. But because of the Providence of God directed the ruthless tyrant Hitler he lost his opportunity. We see this over and over throughout history, the Providence of God, who flung the universe into existence at the very beginning of time, had planed the destruction of Hitler and his army.