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Humanism, by generally accepted definition is a "religion", and during its development in 
ancient Greek and Roman times was believed to be a replacement 
for Christianity. It is a religion that is very intolerant of the expression of the Christian faith; 
instead it is the religion of “man-alone�. Secular 
Humanism was decidedly declared a religion in the Supreme Court case of Torcaso V 

It replaces God with man, and its own ideas become the new ethics and morality. 
It completely denies the Christ, who alone can save us, and demands that there 
is no God who can command moral standards for mankind. It has declared absolute 
full-scale war on Christianity.

All one has to do is read the Humanist Manifesto, its self-declared religion, its set of 
human ethics. Porn is ok, consenting sex with anyone (not necessarily 
adults) is ok, and abortion is fine and dandy.

Humanists are engaged imposing these and many other of our nation’s ills 
on the entire population.

The humanists scream the loudest and say "you can't impose your morality on us" but are very busy imposing their version of morality on everyone.

Sadly, the Vero Beach city council caved by endorsing and passing (3-2) a proclamation of "humanist week" for all citizens to celebrate in Vero Beach during the month of June each and every year. Say “What�!? Humanist week? What in the world is that? 

Now here this! These same "humanists" attempted to terminate our City 's long standing Thanksgiving Day proclamation. Why? Because the Thanksgiving Day 
proclamation offers thanks to Almighty God. 

By the way, the Councilmen who used the first amendment to support and endorse humanism week does not understand the Constitution. The first amendment does not give anyone the right to do what they desire or to separate our nation from God and our Christian roots.

The councilman is upside down in his thinking. Why? Because the first amendment is the 
same quotation they use to keep Christianity out of the schools. So which is it? Is it ok to 
have humanist week in the City and teach their doctrines in our schools, but not ok to 
have Christianity taught in our schools?

They cannot have it both ways. The councilman does not know the first amendment is 
taken from a Christian document, the Constitution of the United States. 

The humanists must think Christians are ignorant, and not aware of the facts. They 
demand we stand down, endorse their atheistic agenda, while they do what 
they prohibit us to do: to impose moral standards on others.

As an example, when we impose laws against murder we are imposing the morality 
of those who have a view of life as something of value, on those who do not hold 
the same view. Every law imposes somebody's morality on someone else. The same 
goes for stealing and other crimes.

Frankly, the humanists are trying to push Christianity under the bus and replace it with 
the new religion of humanism that gives way to its agenda of death and 
an absence of any sense of right or wrong. 

Take a honest and brief look at the results. Results do count, don't they?

The Humanists fought hard to remove the Bible from our schools. Did we pay a price for that? Today metal detectors are used to detect the weapons students 
are bringing to school. The mass murders of students and teachers continue across our land.

In a 1983 issue of a humanist magazine, John Dunphy wrote “I am convinced that the 
battle for humankind’s future must be eager and won in the public school 
classroom by teachers who correctly perceive their role as proselytizers of a new faith..." 
He went on to say that teachers will be ministers of another sort, 
utilizing a classroom instead of a pulpit to convey humanist values in subjects they teach 
from elementary to college.

When I went to public school, we read the Bible; we prayed in Jesus’ Name; we recited 
the Ten Commandments.

The biggest problems in my school days was running in the hallways or talking during 
class, or a spitball!

Today, drugs, abortion, murder, alcoholism, vandalism and a list of other crimes because 
we removed God and put in humanism. In Philadelphia, they are shutting a 
high school down because the teachers are in fear for their lives. The gangs have taken 
over, and the teachers are terrified as their lives are in danger.

This is what humanism has produced. They have removed God & His Word, and replaced with Death and immorality.