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The central theme of the Monumental documentary film is that the 
Liberty man and women, or freedom man as former President Ronald 
Reagan called him, is the only liberator capable of bringing back 
lasting liberty to America or any nation in the world.
From the beginning of the film the desire for freedom is seen as a 
universal aspiration of all men. As the rock anthem proclaims – 
“People everywhere just want to be free.�
Whether we portray the uprising of the gladiators in Spartacus or in The Gladiator, or in the French Revolution we observe that none of these revolts resulted in lasting liberty. Those in revolt had no 
higher law (God’s Law) to appeal and no system to put in place to 
keep one of their own from rising to enslave the people.
Monumental film uncovers the road to lasting liberty and the forgotten road map of freedom that needs decoding in our time. Why was America 
unique? What was the secret that led to lasting liberty under law? 
What kind of individual was forged in Europe and unleashed in America who could “bind the tyrants down with the chains of the 
Constitution� as Thomas Jefferson said.
This is accomplishment and unfolds as we understand that a new kind of hero was emerging in Europe, especially in England and Scotland. He 
was not primarily a conqueror, although he conquered tyrants. He was 
not the typical loner anti-hero portrayed in film who does it his way, 
yet he often stood alone, often only with his family, against entire 
nations. He accomplished liberation not through the killing of 
others, but through dying himself if necessary to stand for the 
“eternal principals of right, those laws given at Mt. Sinai.
​The Liberty man’s legacy is pure and his legend rings into eternity. 
Liberty man’s lineage comes down through: Patrick, the liberator of 
Ireland; Alfred the Great who codified English common law and loved his wife and her only; Rev. Langton, who wrote Magna Carta, the constitution of England, which held down the king’s power and called for freedom under law; William Wallace and Robert the Bruce, who called for Scotland’s freedom from tyrannical power; John Wycliffe who stood against King and prelate and declared the Word to be pre- eminent over worldly power; The Scottish Covenanters, both men and women, who signed the National Covenant, to raise their children in the Truth, not the King’s propaganda; The brave Dutch who stood for their faith against overwhelming odds as the Spanish threatened them with extinction; The Pilgrims who took the blood bought truth and embodied it for an entire nation, leaving us the blueprint to find our way home to God; And the Founders who codified Christian principles into the world’s finest, biblical civil documents.The message of this film is so powerful and proven in history. Either we as individuals will follow the path or as Winston Churchill said about England in the early twentieth century, see the walkway of civilization give way beneath our feet and we fall into the abys